Friday, 15 December 2017

Catching up

Quote Ideas
It has been quite a while. Over a year plus...

Not much has really change. Still single with an aim towards improvement of self... 

Have began a BEd program that has consumed my time and energy. Oftentimes I am deeply frustrated and angry at self but I continuously push me forward.

I am becoming that educated person that I have always wanted to become.. No longer am I just talking because I can... I am actually doing what I need to do.....

On Vacation

Today makes the beginning of my vacation least a break from school... 

It has been quite a draining term and semester... Felt that I had lost my teaching abilities along the way as so much time had been devoted to my external studies.

Lots of sleepless nights and moments that left me feeling ashamed of me. I had not given my usual 100%. Many days my lessons were rushed which greatly lessened what would have made the learning process less desirable for those that I must educate.

I believed that this time around similarly to my first year of teaching, I had given the students too much which may result in deep hatred of the subject areas.

Alas it it all over.. at least for the moment
UWI Studies
UWI Open Campus - The University of the West Indies

Began studies in August...  Did 4 courses which challenged me to the brink. Many times I asked myself why am I doing this. Why did I get myself here? Many stressful, sleepless and coffee-filled nights.... 

Alas, my final exam was last Tuesday's maths... Going through the past papers were indeed quite helpful....

On too Semester 2.... Coming soon enough.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Weekend Gone

Kasey Rose's Corner

As I reflect on my "weekend gone", listening and devoting 3/4s of it to Remy Ma spinning and dicing her bars against Nicki Minaj, I am reminded of my youth. A time past when I became interested in rap and Hip Hop through the influence of my brothers.

I had been "cultured" in the teachings of Malcolm X, remembering "We didn't land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us". Theses verses were spewing out of my older brothers room. The virtues learnt guided me throughout my teenage years and early adulthood. A female who had been empowered to be educated and to my own self, my own being, my true self....

I listened to tracks of Naughty by Nature, Salt n Peppa, Tupac who were my favourites. Tupac for me was the top dog with classics such as Dear Mama, Keep Ya Head Up and Until the end of time... The list can keep running. At the time I leisurely listened yet today memories flash reminding me how "cool" I once was.

I heard of Remy Ma way back but gave little attention to her spins as I found the female rap game weak at the time. I mean Lil Kim, Foxy and Queen Latifah were around... My bad, no disrespect.... I never really paid attention to Remy Ma "spitting" even though I heard she was a boss type. This past weekend had me now standing and listening. Not because it became popular but due to her skills. She clearly can spit it out lyrically and cause damage.... Not the best, I am bias to Tupac, sorry just my shade of gray.... She came to slay and slam and that she did,

Friday, 9 September 2016

End of Week One
What does it say about a teacher when one begins to count down the days to ones next vacation time?

Had an interesting day at work. Some fun, some reflection and so many exhaustive moment.

I love teaching

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

In the Classroom
Back to work and the daily grind... I have the practice of getting things right... Met my new students today,...

Have a lot of planning to do for the upcoming classes. Really have my work ahead of me but I am just taking it all in strides.

Monday, 5 September 2016

School Days

School is back in session but I am so out of it... Haven't began my individual planning as yet... Just not felling quite school like at the moment...

Today was a bit of fun with my class and few introduction...